I am ISHIMWE Gilbert

Name: ISHIMWE Gilbert

Profile: IT and Software engineer

website: www.ishprodev.com

Company website: www.lmbtech.rw

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+250) 780-019558


My skills that help me to work with various companies,Churches and other institutions

Website development 98%

Languages interested in are:
(HTML,CSS,JavaScript,JQUERY and Bootstrap) and their frameworks.

Software development 95%

Languages interested in are:
(PHP,JAVA,SQL,C#,C &C++,nodejs,express js and Laravel).

IOT 85%

Languages interested in are:
(Python,C and C#) for making Artificial intergency and others.

Networking 96%

Skills obtained:
(Small and Large Network installations and configurations & Network security).

Electronics and Telecommunication 85%

Skills obtained:
(microwaves and telcommunications medium science &electronics Repair).

Graphic design and Animations 97%

Skills obtained:
(Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator &Photography).

Video Productions and Contents Creator 97%

Skills obtained:
(Video Graphy,Adobe Premier,Adobe Audition).

Personal Profile

My name is ISHIMWE Gilbert, and I’ve been learning about web development and Software development for the last 4 years. I am passionate about the internet and software development, which led me to create Ish Pro Dev blog. I believe in sharing my knowledge and abilities to help others.

I am writing tutorials and tips that can help other developers and I share tutorials of PHP, Python, Javascript, JQuery, Laravel, Livewire, Codeigniter, Node JS, Express JS, Vue JS, Angular JS, React Js, MySQL, MongoDB, REST APIs, Windows, Xampp, Linux, Ubuntu, Amazon AWS, Composer, SEO, WordPress, SSL and Bootstrap from a starting stage.

Also helped many beginers to advanced developers from scratch,remember to follow my social medial to don't miss my daily blog.

My goal is to empower others to learn and excel in the world of web and Software development, which is why I make all my content available to anyone who wants to learn.In my career i like coding and general computer science that led me to learn software engineering to improve innovative technologies over the world.

i have basic skills for every ICT chambers where i can help you in various jobs for your company,church,School and others.

For any IT support skills, i studied to solve various issues in different instititutions like: schools,Churches,companies and others... to support in various ICT issues solving like: Employees Teaching,Computers Repairing,Network Issues and others...

For video production skills, is help you to make your events,Song or weeding video as future memory and i can help to steam that celemonies to your social media like Youtube,facebook where every one not attended by face, is able to follow online.


Here are some services you may ask for me. for more services visit my company website LMB TECH LTD

Electronics services

make easy in telecomunication and work with new devices in digital electronics i'm able to repair any devices just a moment.

IT Support

I'm able to solve any technology problems like internet,Computers and other problems related to IT.

Video Productions

I'm able to stream your parties or any celemonies online and making them videos for history and video Editing

Networking install

I'm able to design your any network and apply it's security,also i can train to more networking topics.

Website & Development

I'm able to develop your any website you are looking for to publish your business online just a moment.


I'm able to make your photos and album of various ceremonies also you may stream them to any social medias.

Software development

I'm able to develop your any software you are looking for to solve your daily activities at moment.

Graphic Design

I'm able to brand your business or institution just a moment to look very well and attract more customers.

Basic ICT Trainings

I'm able to teach you about basic ict skills &computer application to begin the use of proffesional IT in your Business or other.






A collection of projects I've worked on


Web development / 2022


Web development / 2022


Web development / 2022

Mobile School

Web Application / 18 Sep. 2020
gs.jpg GS Saint Peter Nkombo

The Saint Pierre nkombo is School Located at Rusizi district in Nkombo sector where we cooperated in ICT where we provided modern technology in education.

esab.jpg ESA BIRAMBO

This is a girls' School located in Karongi, Gashari sector that provides technology-based skills to help these girls pass state exams and create careers after completing their courses in software development.

logoidbk.png IDBK TSS

Institut Don Bosco Kabarondo is a private school for which we have developed a modern technology School System. We help software development students become technology professionals by providing a work-based education.